The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters® (NAMU®) is a leading online provider of "professional development" mortgage underwriting training & certification.


 The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters® (NAMU®) is a one-stop online venue for everything and anything mortgage underwriting. NAMU® offers a variety of comprehensive online "professional development" training & certification programs for both in-house residential and commercial mortgage loan underwriters as well as contract mortgage underwriters. 

Launched in January of 2010 by our sister organization the National Association of Mortgage Processors® (NAMP®) -- which was formed in 2006 -- NAMU® is a separate "for profit" company striving to become the voice of today's mortgage underwriter. 

As a proud member of the American Society of Association Executives™ (ASAE), NAMU® also has an online community for mortgage underwriters and provides mortgage underwriters with helpful articles, free mortgage training video tips, recruiting services for employerscurrent underwriting job postingsmortgage underwriting guidelinesunderwriter education and more.

Our certificants range from individuals working at Fortune 500 companies to contract underwriters and in-house residential and commercial underwriters. Our certificants either have a thorough understanding of underwriting practices or are taking steps to learn -- from due diligence, to fraud awareness & prevention, to tax returns analysis, to how to correctly read an appraisal or title report, red flagging and more. Most importantly, our certificants must fully agree to adhere by the NAMU® Code of Ethics.

NAMU® offers a variety of services, including:

By joining NAMU® you'll discover the in's and out's of mortgage underwriting as well as what it takes to be a successful mortgage loan underwriter -- both as an in-house underwriter and contract mortgage underwriter.

NAMU® + NAMP® = Continued Success.
Sharing resources provides both mortgage processors and underwriters a venue for support, networking and educational opportunities. This combined network enables certificants from both associations to receive additional value-added tools & resources.

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