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The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters® (NAMU®) has put together a variety of "professional development" residential and commercial mortgage underwriting training & certification programs that illustrate competency and a thorough knowledge of the mortgage loan underwriting process as it relates to mortgage finance.

NAMU® certification programs help to identify mortgage professionals who have met the high standards of competency and ethics established by the NAMU® Code of Ethics. Our mortgage underwriter certifications follow best practices with regard to the steps a certificant must complete.

We ALSO Offer (7) NAMU® CertificationS:

  1. Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CMU)

  2. Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CMMU)

  3. Certified Ambassador Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CAMU)

  4. Certified FHA Manual Underwriter (NAMU®-CFMU)

  5. Certified in Mortgage Regulatory Compliance (NAMU®-CMRC)

  6. Certified in Commercial Underwriting & Processing (NAMU®-CCUP)

  7. Certified Mortgage Quality Control Specialist (NAMU®-CMQCS)

How It Works:

  1. Complete comprehensive online mortgage processing training.

  2. Pass a timed online “proctored” exam using a webcam.

  3. Pass a criminal background check via a 3rd-party vendor.

  4. Agree & adhere to the NAMU® Code of Ethics.

  5. Get re-certified each year.


You’ll learn best mortgage industry practices you can apply to your work – enabling you to achieve outstanding results more easily.

  • Mortgage loan professionals with the NAMU® Certification may increase their chances of getting interviews than those who haven’t earned an NAMU® certification.

  • You’ll be qualified for higher-level opportunities, as mortgage companies increasingly prefer or require the NAMU® as a qualification for their mortgage underwriting positions.

  • You get to use the NAMU® certification acronym after your name, instantly earning you more respect from peers, co-workers & upper management. Click to View NAMU® Certificants on >>

Our mission is to become the recognized leader in mortgage underwriting training & certification. We exist to develop and serve the mortgage underwriting professional, and advance and lead the mortgage underwriting profession. NAMU provides online mortgage underwriting education, thought leadership, "professional development" loan underwriting certification and a discussion group -- all designed to enhance the practice of mortgage underwriter management and the effectiveness of underwriter professionals in the organizations and communities they serve.

Refund Policy & Terms of Use: Before purchasing any NAMU® certification program, we recommend you thoroughly read our Refund Policy & Terms of Use.



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