A Little Tip to Improve your Loan Processing and Originating

Written By: Delores Weaver

Have you begun to memorize and master the 20-30 ID and passwords needed to access all of the mortgage technology or did you decide to use one password for all accounts? Believe me, I know it is overwhelming when you have to remember so many different pieces of information to access different portals and websites to perform your job. However, this is a small piece of using technology compared to learning and understanding how to use the various portals to complete your job. I have always embraced the philosophy to “work smarter and not harder” and that entailed learning as much as I could about technology to make my job easier. After all, that is why technology is here to speed up the process and make our jobs easier.

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You will be successful as mortgage professionals when you learn how to use the mortgage automated underwriting systems (AUS) efficiently. It will improve your speed in processing loans and make your job easier. Learn the trick to mastering the portals below:

1) DU (Desktop Underwriter)
2) LP (Loan Prospector)
3). Weblgy/ACE
4) FHA Connection, and
5) Your Company Intranet

It is most important to learn how to utilize these systems fluently because it is the systems that can either make or break your loan transaction. Have you heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out,”? If you input incorrect information, with errors, omissions, misspelled words, etc., you can bank on the fact that you will probably not receive the results you were expecting. More than likely your loan will not get an AUS approval.

However, if your loan makes it through the system with a “refer/eligible” it will only create more work for the underwriter (who won’t be a happy camper) because of unnecessary errors that could have been avoided.

So, the question becomes…how do you master the portals? Simply this! Take a little time out and study those systems and learn the ins and outs of each one. They are packed immensely with information that will make your job easier. To simplify your learning experience, click the links below to enter their step by step filled with screenshot guides:

Using the FHA Connection


VA/ACE – Automated Certificate of Eligibility

Desktop Underwriter (DU) Learning Center

Desktop Underwriter (DU) Guide for wholesale lenders

Loan Prospector (LP) Training is through webinars

Need FHA Training? CLICK HERE: http://www.FHA-Classes.org

Although the above portals are a key part of your mortgage experience, you will also need other mortgage technology that is equally as important. Understanding how to use PDF converters, Adobe PDF and reader, imaging, audio, video, word, excel, and email are skills that you currently possess, but always continue to update your skills when updates and changes are made. It will aid in increasing your value to the company.

Best of luck to you.

About The Author

Delores Weaver - As an NAMP® staff writer, Delores Weaver is a mortgage instructor for Mortgage University® (www.MortgageUnderwriter.org). Delores has spent more than 25+ years at the forefront of mortgage lending in origination, training, support and development. Her technical expertise was complemented by a commitment to training, support and customer service. Drawing on her extensive experience in mortgage lending as an Executive VP of Marketing & Training, Originator, Processor and Underwriter, she specialized in designing and delivering training programs for users with little or no knowledge of mortgage lending. She became a regular speaker at various professional organization meetings and continues to support individuals and groups. If you're interested in becoming a writer for NAMP®, please email us at: contact@mortgageprocessor.org.

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